Wishing Wells
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This elegantly decorated floor-standing wishing well can be used over and over again.  It was designed with shipping,
storing and installation in mind.  The parts to this wishing well are easily put together using simple instructions and just
as easily they will come apart for simple, compact storage.  The package includes everything seen and needed except
the *base.  The base we used for this well is a brand new 32 gallon round plastic trashcan.  (The trashcan can be
purchased from us, but it will increase the price of the well and shipping charges will be significantly higher.)

Another special feature of this wishing well, is that you can purchase additional complete wishing well outfits for it,
changing the appearance and making it usable for other occasions such as baby showers.  This eliminates the need for
multiple wishing wells and reduces the required storage area.  From time to time we will be listing different designs that
will be interchangeable with this well.  The well can be used over and over and it will look like a new well each time you
use it.  These outfits will run approximately $150.00 depending on the decorations.

If you don’t see exactly what you want, we will try to accommodate special requests.

*The base can be replaced with a plastic or metal trashcan.  Plastic trashcans can be purchased new and are relatively
inexpensive.  After the party the trashcan could be used for its actual purpose and when the next party comes around,
you simply purchase another new trash can.  The originally purchased trashcan could also be used as the storage
compartment for the entire components of the wishing well.
Bridal Shower Wishing Well with Applique (barrel not included) $250.00
Close up of the
bridal shower
wishing well roof
Close up view of
the side roof
panel on the
bridal shower
wishing well
The dimensions of this wishing well
are approximately 26" x 26" x 61".  
The roof is covered with white satin
ribbon lace, sequin appliqués, satin
ribbon bows with rhinestones and
double satin hearts.  Hanging from
the underside of the roof is a tin pail.

The base of the well is covered with
an elastic skirt adorned with double
satin hearts, rhinestones and a
nylon tulle overlay.
Close up view of the
sequin appliqués and
double satin hearts on
the bridal shower
wishing well roof
Close up view of the
double satin hearts on
the bridal shower
wishing well skirt
Close up view of the
rhinestones on the bridal
shower wishing well skirt
if used often enough, it
can be stored in tact with
a large plastic bag over it
to keep it clean.

If not used often, it
should be dismantled
and stored until needed.

This is what it will look
like after it is dismantled
and the parts are placed
into the trashcan base.
If you are interested in our product and don't see exactly what you
want, please fill out the form with the information describing what you
would like and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.
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