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34" Pink & Brown Lady Bug Baby Shower Umbrella BAS34LADYBUG
Pink & Brown Lady Bug Baby Shower Umbrella (34" shown above)

The umbrella is measured by the arc over the top and is covered with pink satin ribbon lace and brown lace. The lace
umbrella is decorated with multi-colored butterfly appliques, pink silk flowers and pictures of pink and brown lady
bugs.  Four spokes have 6' brown satin ribbon adorned with pacifiers and baby pins, and the other 4 spokes of the
umbrella have a 6' pink satin ribbon with pacifiers and baby pins attached.
This umbrella can be ordered in 34", 45" and 48".

** Optional signature Cards can be added to the streamers for the guests to sign their names as a token of luck and best
wishes.  These cards will also be there for time to come as a remembrance of your joyous day and of those who
shared it with you.
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Close up view of lace, trinkets and ribbons
45" Pink & Brown Lady Bug Baby Shower Umbrella with clamp on handle
48" Pink & Brown Lady Bug Baby Shower Umbrella